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Things to Do in Yosemite National Park

October 17, 2016
Category: Yosemite National Park

Trying to decide whether or not Yosemite National Park is for you? Preparing to head out on a long-planned visit, and looking for things to do during your stay? Driving in for an impromptu vacation and not sure how to get the most out of your time here? Whatever your situation, we can help. To make sure you enjoy your national park experience to the fullest, we’ve compiled a list of the best activities to do and places to visit during your stay at the park.

• Stop in at the Yosemite Visitor Center

Don’t bypass Yosemite’s Visitor Center. In addition to free wifi and a great “signing out” photo op, the visitor center can provide you with invaluable information as well as guidebooks to take with you on your adventures. The staff are well known for being friendly and helpful, even in the busiest seasons, so it’s the perfect place to ask any questions before you head out on the trails. It’s also a great opportunity to pick up on some of the park’s long and fascinating history.

• Enjoy Shopping at Yosemite Village

Yosemite Village is where campers go for groceries and supplies, but its stores also offer souvenirs (for all the friends and relatives who didn’t come along), art prints to remember some of the park’s most beautiful sights, and all types of commemorative clothes and items. If you’re looking for a brief respite from hiking or just want to get something to remember your visit by, stop in at the village shops.

• Spend Time Fishing and Bird Watching

A total of 265 different bird species can be seen in Yosemite, depending on the time of year and migratory patterns. Many different guides are available for everyone from the beginning bird watcher to the advanced. Just make sure you bring a pair of binoculars and a notepad, and you’ll be set.

With 58 streams and 18 different species of native and non-native fishing, Yosemite has some of the best fishing available in the area. Bring your poles, bait (no live or dead bait is allowed), and gear to take part in the once-in-a-lifetime experience of fishing in the national park.

• Take Advantage of Photography Spots.

It goes without saying that the breathtaking views in Yosemite National Park make amazing photography and other artistic opportunities. But did you know that art classes are offered at the Yosemite Art Center to help you make the most of the beautiful landscapes at the park? The Ansel Adams Gallery offers a museum-style look at the photographic artwork of the park’s most famous photographer, as well as photography classes and photography tours.

• Make the Most of Excellent Lodging

If you’re planning a visit, you’re probably looking for a hotel near Yosemite National Park. Of the many hotels in Oakhurst, California, the Yosemite Southgate Hotel and Suites has some of the most comfortable rooms and affordable prices available. The Southgate Hotel also offers a number of packages for park visitors, so if you’re looking for a cheap hotel near Yosemite with plenty of perks, make your Southgate reservations today.

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